August 2010

It’s very unusual to for me to allow anyone to take a full length photo – the dress is a size 20 Vivien of Holloway dress – I felt so wonderful on the day – and then as usual when I looked back on the photos I just wanted to cry!

I have taken a number of photos for this blog – but they are so beastly I can’t bear them – instead… I thought I’d post a photo of me when I was happy with my figure – lots and lots and lots of years ago now!!!

Well I thought it was time to update this page! I’ve been putting photos on the blog for a long while now – though it made me feel sick to the pit of my previously huge stomach when I started to do it – but I know a lot of people read the blog (much to my absolute surprise and overwhelming joy!)  – when I first started out it was just for me and I never anticipated the amount of hits I would get – so I decided that if it helped just one person in the same situation then my abject humiliation would be worth it – although in general I have not really told anyone  that I know about this blog (some have found it by accident!)  – I just felt too ashamed at the state I had made myself into  (I was going to say ‘at the state I had found myself in’ but I didn’t wake up one morning and suddenly find myself a bloater – it happened over a good few years – I made myself the way I was!) and now I’m taking control and making myself the way I want to be!
So… I thought today would be a good day to put this montage on – the October 2010 photos – I looked (and felt) 9 months pregnant – but the last time I was pregnant was in 1989 – I think the term ‘middle aged spread’ is very over used and  underrated – it was a devastating reality for me – I couldn’t understand what was happening around my middle section – it became a total nightmare which triggered me into starting with Diet Chef – my next port of call was going to be lighter life and if that failed I was heading straight to the clinic for a gastric band – without a doubt I had made up my mind and because I’m so petrified of having an operation – I began with Diet Chef – I can’t say I haven’t looked back – because I have, I constantly look back to remind myself how far I’ve come and motivate myself to keep going! I’m still not there yet – but I am in a very happy place right now with my current weight and that in itself is motivating to continue on the journey and then the real hard work will begin… KEEPING IT OFF!

11 thoughts on “Photos

  1. skinniejeans says:

    I think so often we are our own biggest critics! I think you look lovely in this dress. Have read your blod from the beginning to the last entry and I felt really inspired. Have just started my weight loss journey (again!) and it was good to read your entries. Good luck! x

    • dizidaisy says:

      Thank you so much – I loved the dress immensely – I have four Vivien of Holloway dresses and am still collecting lol BUT I really do have problems with the way the weight has changed how I look – I’m extremely unhappy with it because I carry a lot of weight around my face and my tummy – I can disguise the tummy area with clothes but there is just no disguising face fat! More important though – are the health related issues that extra can bring with it – they need to be addressed before I hit the point of no return! Good luck with your weight loss journey – we all have the ability to do it – I guess it boils down to how much we want it! xxx

    • dizidaisy says:

      Thank you! Writing this blog really helps me to keep my goals in focus! I have found with Diet Chef – unlike many other diets I’ve tried – always leaves me feeling satisfied and I rarely feel deprived on it! :)though with the weather today – it’s been a bit more of a challenge not to comfort eat!

  2. Mac says:

    Hey Daisy

    I’ve just put my first Diet Chef order in and am hoping for great things. Thanks so much for posting your before/after photos, they are such a great motivator and what a oxy lady you are!

    All the best

    • dizidaisy says:

      Thank you so much for your comment Mac :) You have made my day! Good luck on your journey – please keep me updated as to how you’re doing and if you have any questions – ask away!!! How much do you need to lose? It isn’t an easy thing to embark on but if you’re determined I can promise you that you’ll get there… I’m such a Miss Lazy and Miss Greedy rolled into one – so believe me – if I can do it ANYONE can :) xxx

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